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Upon request, Cyber Academy of South Carolina is required to evaluate a child for eligibility for special education services. A request for evaluation is known as a referral. When the school receives a referral, the school will appoint an Evaluation Planning team to determine if the child has a disability, and if the child needs special education services. The school locates, identifies, and evaluates all children with disabilities who are enrolled by their parents in Cyber Academy of South Carolina.

A school staff member who reasonably believes a child may be a child with a disability has a legal duty to refer the child, including a homeless child, to the school district in which the child is enrolled. Before referring the child, the person making the referral must inform the child's parent that the referral will be made.

Others, including parents, who reasonably believe a child is a child with a disability may also refer the child, including a homeless child, to the school or district in which the child is enrolled.

Referrals must be in writing and include the reason why the person believes the child is a child with a disability. A referral may be made by contacting Jennifer Matthews, Coordinator of Special Education, Cyber Academy of South Carolina, at (864) 236-4006, or by writing her at Cyber Academy of South Carolina, 330 Pelham Road 101-A Greenville, SC 29615.

The Cyber Academy of South Carolina does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, or immigrant status in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following persons have been designated to handle the nondiscrimination policies. For questions pertaining to Section 504 contact Special Programs Coordinator, questions pertaining to Title IX contact Michael White, Operations Manager at mwhite@k12.com or by phone at 864-236-4006, or via mail at Cyber Academy of South Carolina, 330 Pelham Rd Ste 101A, Greenville, SC 29615. For additional details on Title IX grievances, click here. You may also contact the Office of Civil Rights at 800-421-3481 or OCR@ed.gov

Medical Homebound Instruction

South Carolina's mandate regarding medical homebound instruction appears in State Board of Education Regulation 43-241. Put in the simplest terms, R 43-241 defines "homebound instruction" as teaching that is offered to the student who has an acute or chronic medical condition that prevents him or her from attending classes at school, takes place "in a room especially set aside for the period of instruction, " and is conducted by an individual who holds a South Carolina teacher's certificate.

Specifically, Regulations 43-241 says that students who cannot attend public school because of illness accident or pregnancy, even with the aid of transportation, are eligible for medical homebound instruction. A physician must certify that the student is unable to attend school but may profit from instruction given in the home. Any student participating in a program of medical homebound instruction must be approved by the district superintendent or his or her designee on standardized forms provided by the State Department of Education. All approved forms must be maintained by the district for documentation.

Medical homebound instruction is a service that is available for students who cannot attend school for a medical reason.

*A physician must certify that the student has such a medical condition but may benefit from instruction, and must fill out the medical homebound form that the school district provides. The form for Medical Homebound can be picked up from the school or by contacting jmatthews@k12.com.

*The school leader then decides whether to approve the student for medical homebound services.

*The school will consider the severity of the student’s illness or injury, the length of time that the student will be out of school, the impact that a long period away from school will have on the student’s academic success, and whether the student’s health needs can be met at school virtually.

The goal of homebound medical homebound instruction is to provide continuity of instruction and to facilitate the student’s return to a regular school setting as quickly as possible. State Board of Education Regulation 43-241 outlines the provision of medical homebound services.

For further information please contact Jennifer Matthews, Special Programs Manager at 864-236-4006 Ext 4012 or jmatthews@k12.com