Cyber Academy of South Carolina and Heron Virtual Academy are governed by the Board of Directors for South Carolina Learns, a non-profit organization comprised of community leaders. Public notice of our Board Meetings can be found here.

The CASC/HVA Board meets bi-monthly at 12:00 PM via teleconference. It will be on the 2nd Tuesday of the month unless noted otherwise. 

Interested participants may join by dialing into the conference line or using the Zoom link found on the agenda.

Location:  CASC/HVA Office, 330 Pelham Rd Ste 101A, Greenville SC 29615

     OR           Zoom (Join via Teleconference 19294362866,,118759497#  , or Join via Zoom Virtual Board Room)

The agenda will be posted below prior to the meeting. and copies of the Board minutes are available below. If you would like copies of any school and/or board policies, please contact Michael White at

2023-2024 School Year Board Meeting Dates:

July Full Board Meeting - July 18th Minutes

September Full Board Meeting - September 19th  Minutes      

November Full Board Meeting- November 21st Minutes

January Full Board Meeting - January 16th  (will meet in-person at Columbia Convention Center as well as virtually) Minutes

March Full Board Meeting - March 19th Agenda Minutes

April Full Board Meeting - April 16th Agenda         

May Full Board Meeting - May 21st (will meet in-person at Charter Institute at Erskine in Columbia as well as virtually)

June Finance Committee - June 18th 

BOARD AGENDA 5.21.24 v2.pdf

CASC Governing Board By Laws

CASC Board Members—Elected Officers 2020-2023           

David Crook


Greenville, SC 


Jennifer Hincapie, 

Board Chair; Greenville, SC 

(term 05/13/2014-06/30/2024) (appointed)


Name: Sandra Sandifer, Vice-Chairperson; 

Seneca, SC 

(term 11/06/2013-06/30/2025)   (appointed)              


Steve Fowle; 

Fort Mill, SC 

(term 11/06/2014-06/30/2024) (appointed)


Wayne Brazell; 

Richland, SC 

(Term 3/2019-6/2024) (elected)


Shannon Kojah

(term 7/1/13-06/30/2025)  (elected)


Name: Addie Andrews

(term 7/1/2023-6/30/2025)  (elected)

John Loveday 

Columbia, SC

(term 07/01-06/30/2024)  (elected)


CASC/HVA 2024 Approved Budget 

According to Proviso 1.3 – Pursuant to Section 59-20-80, each school board of director must make available by September first of each school year its annual budget that includes state, local, and federal investments in education. The budget must be available on the school’s website.


SECTION 59-20-80. School budgets must be made public; itemization of salaries.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, each school board of trustees in this State shall annually make available to the general public its budget for that year, which budget shall include an itemized list of the average salaries paid to the superintendents, supervisors, administrators, principals, consultants, counselors and teachers employed by the district. No state aid shall be given to any school district whose board of trustees fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter. 


SCDE PROVISO 1.48: Each district shall publish on its website the title and publisher of all health education materials it has approved, adopted, and used in the classroom

CASC/HVA has/intends to use the following courses, all published by K12 INC. (A STRIDE COMPANY)

HLTH 101  Health Sciences 1

HLTH 102  Health Sciences 2

ANAT 101 Anatomy and Physiology 1

OTH092: Introduction to Health Sciences

Will we ever find a cure for cancer? What treatments are best for conditions like diabetes and asthma? How are illnesses like meningitis, tuberculosis, and measles identified and diagnosed? Health sciences provide the answers to questions such as these. This course introduces students to the various disciplines within the health sciences, including toxicology, clinical medicine, and biotechnology. Students explore the importance of diagnostics and research in the identification and treatment of diseases. The course presents information and terminology for the health sciences and examines the contributions of different health science areas.

OTH020: Physical Education (Elective)

This course combines online instructional guidance with student participation in weekly cardiovascular, aerobic, muscle-toning, and other activities. Students fulfill course

requirements by keeping weekly logs of their physical activity. The course promotes the value of lifetime physical activity and includes instruction in injury prevention, nutrition

and diet, and stress management. Students may enroll in the course for either one or two semesters, and repeat for further semesters as needed to fulfill state requirements.

OTH026: Physical Education (Credit Recovery)

Through this one-semester credit recovery course, students learn a wide variety of fitness concepts that they will be able to use in their everyday life. The course addresses the

fundamentals of physical fitness, including goal setting and target heart rate. Students learn about how their body works by studying static and dynamic balance, linear and

rotary motion, anatomy, and biomechanics. They are introduced to a variety of lifetime activities, including tennis, golf, Frisbee, and orienteering. They also learn about activities

to promote cardiorespiratory fitness, including kickboxing, hip hop dance, fitness walking, and cycling. Pilates, yoga, and breathing exercises that help promote physical and

emotional wellness are addressed as well.