CASC/HVA School Board

CASC 2223 Approved Budget

According to Proviso 1.3 – Pursuant to Section 59-20-80, each school board of director must make available by September first of each school year its annual budget that includes state, local, and federal investments in education. The budget must be available on the school’s website.

SECTION 59-20-80. School budgets must be made public; itemization of salaries.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, each school board of trustees in this State shall annually make available to the general public its budget for that year, which budget shall include an itemized list of the average salaries paid to the superintendents, supervisors, administrators, principals, consultants, counselors and teachers employed by the district. No state aid shall be given to any school district whose board of trustees fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter.

Cyber Academy of South Carolina and Heron Virtual Academy are governed by the Board of Directors for South Carolina Learns, a non-profit organization comprised of community leaders. Public notice of our Board Meetings can be found here.

The CASC/HVA Board meets bi-monthly at 10:00 AM via teleconference. It will be on the 2nd Tuesday of the month unless noted otherwise.

Interested participants may join by dialing into the conference line or using the Zoom link found on the agenda.

Next Scheduled Board Meeting: Tuesday,7/19/2022 at 10 AM

Location: CASC Office, 330 Pelham Rd Ste 101A, Greenville SC 29615

OR Zoom (Join via Teleconference 19294362866,,118759497# , or Join via Zoom Virtual Board Room)

Next Finance Commitee Meeting: Tuesday, 8/16/2022 at 10AM

The agenda will be posted below prior to the meeting. and copies of the Board minutes are available below. If you would like copies of any school and/or board policies, please contact Operations Manager, Michael White at

2022-2023 School Year Board Meeting Dates:

July Full Board Meeting July 19th

August Finance Committee August 16th

September Full Board Meeting September 21st

October Finance Committee October 18th

November Full Board Meeting November 15th

December Finance Committee December 20th

January Full Board Meeting January 17th

February Finance Committee February 21st

March Full Board Meeting March 21st

April Finance Committee April 18th

May Full Board Meeting May 16th

May 2nd meeting Full Board May 23rd

June Finance Committee June 20th

Board of Director's Meeting 9/21/22

I.Preliminary Items

a. Call to order

b. Roll Call

c. Others in Attendance

d. Consent Agenda

i.June Finance Reports

ii.Minutes from 7.19 meeting

iii.Agenda for 7.19

II. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Contractual Discussion

III. Action Items from Executive Session, if any

4.General Agenda

a. Enrollment/Hiring: Michael White/Nicki Batson

b. Academic Update: Nicki Batson

c. Comprehensive Safety Plan

V. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Limited to discussions of Employee Issues, Contracts, or Legal advice Act

VI. Action Items from Executive Session, if any

VII. Next meeting: Finance Committee October 18th/ Full Board November 15th


Heron Academy Planning Committee

I.Preliminary Items

A. Call to order

B. Roll Call

C. Others in Attendance

D. Consent Agenda

      1. Agenda for 9.21

II.Project Update

III.EXECUTIVE SESSION: Contractual Discussion

IV.Action Items from Executive Session, if any

V.General Agenda

VI.Next meeting: November 15th


CASC Governing Board By Laws

CASC Board Members—Elected Officers 2020-2023

Name: Jennifer Hincapie, Board Chair; Greenville, SC (term 05/13/2014-06/30/2024) (elected)


Name: Sandra Sandifer, Vice-Chairperson; Seneca, SC (term 11/06/2013-06/30/2023) (appointed)


Name: Steve Fowle; Fort Mill, SC (term 11/06/2014-06/30/2024) (appointed)


Name: Robyn Verdery; (term 7/1/2021-6/30/2023) (elected)


Name: Athena Grayned; Anderson, SC (term 7/1/19-06/30/2023) (elected)


Name: John Loveday (term 07/01-06/30/2024) (appointed)


Name: Wayne Brazell; Richland, SC (Term 3/2019-6/2024) (elected)