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Family Academic Support Team

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CASC Office 864-236-4006

FASTeam in Spring 2016

Family Engagement Administrator-
Erin Craft, ext 1002

Family Engagement Coordinator,
Jasmin Poor, ext 4011
Strong Start Focus FASL,
Vernell Dixon, ext 4067
Family Resource Coordinator, Aisha Lake, ext 4028
High School Family Academic Support Liaison, Jessica Pinyan, ext 4037
High School Family Academic Support Liaison,
Mallory Davis, ext 4035
High School Family Academic Support Liaison,
Irma Gomillion, ext 4024
Family Compliance Liaison, Cheryn Decatur, ext 4050
K-8 Family Academic Support Liaison, Paula Priddy, ext 4013
K-8 Family Academic Support Liaison,
Kelly Giles, ext 4019
K-8 Family Academic Support Liaison,
Courtney Ballinger, ext 4009

The Family Academic Support Team (FASTeam) is available on an as-needed referral basis to lend support to families in many different  situations.  A student and/or their family can be referred to the FASTeam for low progress, socioeconomic need, learning coach training need, health concerns, or for any other non-academic concerns that may affect school performance.  Please reach out to one of us or to your homeroom teacher if you feel you might need some assistance from our FASTeam.

Parent Resources

Check out our CASC K12Strong Start Page for information for parents and parent workshops ; important info such as our handbook, cool resources like K12 Summer Camps, and videos to help your family find their best way to get an education with CASC.

  The Learning Liftoff is the most comprehensive online destination for families looking for great learning resources and ideas to give their children the best chance for educational success.

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